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TWF believes that educating children is key to ensuring a country’s long-term development, prosperity and independence.  An educated population will help bring about a more vibrant civil society, as well as increase the numbers of people available to offer their skills, knowledge and expertise to support the development of their communities.  Education also has a particularly significant impact for women.  Evidence suggests that girls who complete primary and secondary education have smaller families, improved health outcomes and earn significantly higher wages.


TWF’s current priorities in this area are:

  • Improving the quality of secondary, primary and early childhood education
  • Increasing the enrolment and retention of pupils at both primary and secondary level, especially girls and young women.

In exceptional circumstances TWF will also consider providing support for other stages of education if applicants can demonstrate that these approaches are particularly effective.

  • We are currently only accepting Education applications under our Small Grants programme, we are NOT able to accept any Education applications under our Main Grants programme.


Information for Small Grant Applicants:

In addition to demonstrating how your project aligns with TWF ’s priorities (above), strong applications will demonstrate:

  • Significant direct contribution to the project from the beneficiary community
  • Strong volunteer input from Trustees and supporters
  • The positive impact of your previous work within education and/or evidence to support the efficacy of your intervention  
  • Sustainable model of project delivery
  • How the proposed project meets a significant unmet need
  • A diversity of funding sources for your organisation (and/or a sustainable fundraising strategy beyond TWF).


Application Eligibility: 

We receive many more funding applications than we are able to support. We are therefore only able to consider support for applications that meet all three of these requirements:

  • Clearly fit with the descriptions of what we will, and what we will not support;
  • Use the flow chart below and meet the eligibility criteria for a Small Grant;
  • Follow the relevant Application Guidelines including the FAQ section.


Eligibility for a Small Grant

UK-based organisations only

Requesting under £10,000 in the field of:

  • Education

Have an income of below £300,000

Deliver work at a local scale - for example supporting just one or a small number of communities, schools or groups

Tend to plan and deliver work over a one to two year time frame

Can demonstrate successful project delivery and the ability to monitor project outputs and outcomes

Have waited at least 24 months since last unsuccessful application

World Development
Small Grant Education
Application Guidelines





Last updated Wednesday 22 November, 2023