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Sexual and Reproductive health - MAIN GRANTS

If you have been funded by TWF through our SRH Main Grant fund within the past five years please email the fund manager directly to discuss potential follow-on funding.

For groups new to TWF please follow the guidelines below.

In your initial submission we are most interested in understanding your organisation and how it fits in with our SRH priorities, rather than a specific project or initiative that you are pursuing funding for. Thus, please provide the following in no more than one page (one-inch margins, 11-point font -- submissions longer than one page will not be accepted):

  • Send the page in the body of an email. Please note that tables and figures don’t always display well in this format.
  • At the top of the email provide your name, contact, title, organisation, organisational income vs expenditure, and state that you are applying to the ‘TWF World Development Main Grant SRH Fund’ – this section does not count against your one-page submission.
  • Indicate the unique added value that your organisation provides to world development in general. Detail how your niche relates to improving use of and access to SRH services. Please include high-level overall organisational impact indicators in this brief description.
  • Detail which of the three above priorities you plan to address (it can be multiple), a high-level summary on how you plan to address these priorities, and if you have engaged in addressing these respective priorities previously (no more than half of your one-page submission should be used for this section).
    • If you haven’t engaged in addressing the aforementioned priorities in the past please indicate why you are now looking to incorporate this in future work.
  • Is programmatic and financial sustainability a major focus of your work? If so, what makes it programmatically sustainable and what makes it financially sustainable (and how do you know that it is)?
    • Note that plans that largely rely on volunteers to one-off training / capacity building does not fit the definition of sustainability that the SRH fund uses.
  • Who are your three most important international or regional NGO or business collaborators?
    • How many community-based organisations (in-country-based NGOs) do you have a 3+ year relationship with? Please name any of particular strategic importance (no more than three).


Review Timeline

We aim to undertake a first review of all new submissions within two months of receiving them. The next step will either be a phone call with one our World Development staff members or a notification via email that we will not be considering funding that this time. If your submission is unsuccessful you can resubmit the form in two-years’ time. If you are invited for a next step phone call we aim to make a funding decision within six months of the first phone call. Thus, for your planning purposes, please allow for a total of eight months from the time of submission.

Organisational Budget Amount: To be eligible for a SRH Main Grant your organisational yearly income should be over £300,000.

Grant Duration and Award Amounts: The grants will usually be for a total of up to £100,000 over 2-3 years.


Applying from Outside of the UK for a Main Grant

You can apply for a SRH grant without having UK charitable status. To do so, you must send us contact details for a named person who is willing to provide us with a reference for your work. This must be someone who satisfies one or more of the following:

  • Works for an international NGO with offices in the UK; or
  • Works for an organisation that the Foundation has previously given a grant to; or
  • Works for an organisation with offices in the UK, which has been a current or former donor to your organisation; or
  • Works for an academic institution, think tank or as an independent consultant who is based in the UK, and which has evaluated your organisation.

Ideally, the person you provide as a reference will have visited your organisation and be able to provide feedback on the quality of your work. Please state the name, contact details and your relationship to the referee (i.e. past funder) at the end of your submission. For Main Grant Applicants, the reference information will be considered an annex to your one-page submission, which is detailed below in the Main Grants section. Only applications with references will be considered.