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The Waterloo Foundation has three Trustees:

Heather Stevens (Chair of Trustees)

David Stevens

Caroline Oakes


Very sadly we record the loss of our Trustee and friend, Captain Janet Alexander. Janet was a loyal Trustee of the Waterloo Foundation since its inception in 2007. Janet was an exceptionally hardworking Trustee, attending an extraordinary number of meetings (76 out of 79!) whilst working full time, with all the attendant reading and workload that entailed. Her intelligent scrutiny of our work raised many important issues and improved the work that we have been able to do.  On top of this, she also went on fact-finding missions for the Foundation to Ghana, Rwanda and Ethiopia, and attended numerous events including the launch of our Size of Wales rainforest campaign, as well as a wonderful evening onboard Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior where she was allowed to sit in the captain’s seat, a change of transport mode from her own aviation captaincy. She was a formidable woman, strong of principle and opinion, yet with the warmest and most generous of hearts. She was much loved by us all and she will be much missed.





Last updated Wednesday 22 November, 2023