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Application Guidelines


Every year we receive hundreds more funding applications under our World Development Fund than we are able to support, making it our most competitive fund. We are therefore only able to support the strongest applications which all:

  • Clearly meet our eligibility criteria (below -- for SRH eligibility please refer to the SRH Fund specific page ).
  • Clearly meet our current funding criteria; for details see our About the Programme pages
  • Follow our application guidelines for Main or Small grants (for SRH guidelines please refer to the SRH Fund specific page).
  • Provide evidence of the success of their previous programmes or the intervention itself.  

We understand that different sizes of organisation have different funding needs.  The level and type of funding we provide is dependent on the size of the organisation applying to us for funding and also on the scale of their work. You can use the criteria below to assess your eligibility for either a Main Grant or a Small Grant (we do not accept multiple applications from one organisation), and then follow the appropriate link to read the relevant guidelines for submitting your application.


Eligibility criteria: Main Grant

Eligibility criteria: Small Grant

UK and overseas organisations with a UK-based reference

UK-based organisations only

Requesting over £10,000 in the field of:

Requesting under £10,000 in the field of:

Have an annual income of at least £200,000

Typically have an annual income below £300,000

Deliver development programmes at a district, regional or national scale

Deliver projects at a local scale, for example supporting just one or a small number of communities, schools or groups

Have experience in delivering multi-year
programmes guided by multi-year strategic plans

Tend to plan and deliver projects over a one-two year time frame

Can demonstrate a strong track record
of delivering long-term development

Can demonstrate successful project delivery and the ability to monitor project outputs and outcomes

Have waited at least 18 months since last unsuccessful application

Have waited at least 18 months since last unsuccessful application

World Development Main Grant Application Guidelines

World Development Small Grant
Application Guidelines