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World development



The principle focus of the World Development programme is to provide support for the most disadvantaged developing countries in the world.  We therefore prioritise support towards these countries, for example as determined by the UNDP’s Human Development Index ranking1.  It is unlikely that TWF will provide support to an organisation working outside a country ranked as either ‘low human development’ or towards the bottom of the ‘medium human development’ list. The majority of our grants have been provided to support programmes in sub-Saharan Africa and occasionally in South Asia.

We are committed to the principle that development work should have long-term impact, and believe that stable national and local government plays an important role in achieving this.  We will therefore prioritise support towards organisations which operate in countries which are secure and politically stable, and are unlikely to provide support to conflict-affected regions.

We support the twinning of Wales and Lesotho2, and the long-standing exchange of ideas and benefits to the civil societies of both countries which has resulted.  We are keen to support this special relationship between Wales and Lesotho, and will prioritise support for organisations working in Lesotho in our funding priority areas. 


International Human Development Indicators
2 Dolen Cymru





Last updated Thursday 29 December, 2016