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Kids in Need of Education (KINOE) is a UK organisation with an annual income of around £150,000. The organisation’s 3 part-time staff and 12 volunteers support Nepalese and Indian organisations in their work to improve education for disadvantaged children. Through their in-country partners, KINOE currently delivers projects that include student sponsorships, educational and vocational training support for girls and women who have been sexually exploited, and supplementary education for children living in urban slums. KINOE has also begun working with a relatively new Nepalese organisation, Teach for Nepal, which recruits and trains Nepalese graduates and places them for two years in rural government secondary schools to teach Maths, English or Science and to work with schools to improve the overall quality of teaching.

In 2015 TWF gave KINOE a grant of £10,000 to cover the costs of recruiting, training and monitoring two Nepalese graduates within Teach for Nepal’s programme. In 2014 TfN placed 52 graduates in 25 schools, and the organisation aims to be supporting 120 fellows in 40 schools by 2016. The impact of this project will be assessed in relation to the number of students enrolled in participating schools, changes in student and teacher attitudes and in the longer term improvements in students’ academic performance.

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Nija, one of the TfN fellows, supporting a student in her class






Last updated Friday 16 March, 2018