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Give Hope


Give Hope Trust is a small UK registered charity that operates in Zambia and Ethiopia to give children a chance in life through education. While the organisation’s primary focus has been on education projects, they have also established a beekeeping project in Zambia using ‘hybrid’ top-bar hives
(basic top-bar hives hoisted into trees to reduce pest attacks). This method has proved successful in achieving low absconsion rates and high honey yields, and in 2012 a Malawian branch of Give Hope International was established by two UK volunteers to introduce this beekeeping method to the Kunkhongo community in Malawi.

In 2014 Give Hope Trust had an annual income of £55,000 and TWF awarded the organisation a grant of £2,500 to support the development of the beekeeping project in Malawi. This grant has enabled the purchase of beekeeping equipment, the construction of further hives, and the establishment of Kunkhongo Bee Keeping Committee. Give Hope plan to report over a two-year period on the increase in honey harvest and income generation from honey sales.

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Beekeeping team in new bee

Concern Universal

Honey on sale at a local hotel

A beeswax candle






Last updated Friday 16 March, 2018