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Sanergy was founded in 2011 and is a growing social enterprise that is working to provide improved sanitation in informal slum communities in Nairobi, Kenya.  The Sanergy Model is to design and construct simple, cartridge-based toilets, which are sold to community members who operate them as business, charging users a nominal fee. Sanergy collects the waste and converts it into useful by-products, such as biogas and organic fertiliser, which is sold to local farmers.

The Foundation awarded Sanergy a grant of £63,000 in 2014 to extend their activities over a one-year period with a particular focus on the support and training of new female entrepreneurs. Within this annual period, Sanergy launched 295 new toilets operated by 154 new entrepreneurs of whom 60 were women, bringing the scale of Sanergy’s operations at the start of 2015 to a total of 624 toilets and 295 entrepreneurs. As of early 2015, Sanergy’s network of “Fresh Life” Toilets is used around 27,000 times per day, and the average entrepreneur reportedly earns profit of £1,250/year after operating costs (around £600/toilet).

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Last updated Friday 16 March, 2018