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Working Wales projects supported

Prince’s Trust, Cymru – the Enterprise Programme

The Enterprise Programme is designed to support 18-30 year olds who are unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week to develop a business idea.  The Foundation provided funding towards the re-launch of the Business Programme here in Wales offering small loans and mentoring for young people (under 25) starting their own business.

The “Inspiring the Vale” bursary programme was set up to provide grants up to a maximum of £3k for individuals and groups of young people aged 18- 30 years old intending to start a new business or community enterprise in the Vale of Glamorgan. The scheme aimed to promote conditions which would help young people to implement their ideas for businesses or community enterprises. This included providing advice and expert support to develop a business idea, providing the necessary equipment or resources to start a business, helping with business location costs, etc.

During the first five months of the programme, 14 businesses were supported with grant awards totalling £33,252.05. By the end of the first year it is hoped that approximately 25 new businesses will have been supported in the Vale of Glamorgan with grant awards amounting to £60,000.

ASC Cymru were awarded a grant towards the costs of opening and developing a One Stop Shop (OSS) for people with higher functioning autism. A key focus of the work undertaken by the OSS is on employment and the creation of occupational and work based opportunities for people using the service, as well as other activities which encourage good mental health and social integration.

The One Stop Shop is located at 21 High Street in Cardiff and was launched on 28th January 2015.





Last updated Tuesday 4 February, 2020